General Questions

  1. How many pictures can I put into the software?

    You can insert as many pictures as you want into our online photo editing software. We do suggest not over crowding your project. Also, the more photos you insert the more momory your computer will use.

  2. After I create my final funeral product and save to a PDF, can I go back and make changes at a different time?

    Yes! You can access any existing funeral project at anytime (within 30 days) from any computer to make changes and print again. This is the beauty of our online funeral photo editing software.

  3. Does' online software only work on certain computers

    No. You can use any computer, Mac or PC. Of coarse the faster and better the computer, the fast and better our online funeral software will run. Although, you do have to use certain internet browsers. When you start a project our software will tell you if you need to use a different browser. As browser technology gets better, more browsers will support our online software. Our software currently works best in Google Chrome.

  4. Can I access my project on a different computer?

    Yes! You can access your projects, finished or unfinished, on any computer as long as they are running the correct browser. You can even start your custom funeral project on one computer and finish it on another. You can also give your username and password to a friend or coworker to allow them to look at and/or finish your design.

  5. Can I use online funeral software if I lose my internet connection?

    Yes and no. You need an internet connection so our servers can talk to your computer, but if you lose your internet connection while you are working on your project, you can keep working and our servers will be updated as soon as that connection is restored.

  6. How many copies can I print of my finished funeral project?

    You can print as many copies of your custom funeral product as you want! We DO NOT limit or even want to keep track of how many copies you print.

  7. Who do I contact if I need help with the online funeral program editing software?

    Click on the “Can i help you” tab in the bottom of the website. Feel free to email us to We are happy to help.

  8. How long does it take to receive my paper shipment?

    Anywhere from one to five business days depending on your location in the United States. Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada may take longer.

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